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Hello!! Welcome to Folteon's World! No one likes to have rules, but unfortunately, there will be people out there who want to be big bad wolves. These simple rules are set in place, so that we can all get along and live in peace and harmony. Please read them and comply, to make everyone's lives easier! :)
    1. Be Polite... HOWEVER--- There is a specific forum topic tab where you can "call someone out" to resolve an issue. It is normal that sometimes someone will say something that you don't agree with. That is fine, and should you come to a point that you NEED to say something, feel free to message that user personally, or you may call that user out in the "GRRRR (Resolve Issues)" forum topic tab. If you are rude and/or try to resolve an issue in another forum topic area, you will receive a formal warning. Do not use bullying, harassment, or trolling to get your point across. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against cyber-bullying here! Further violations may result in being temporarily banned from the forum for a specified amount of time. Take a break, cool off. Woosahhh.
    2. NO SPAMMING. Who enjoys clutter?
    3. If you choose to promote a NON-FORUM page, please do so in the "Advertised Websites" forum topic tab.
    4. Please, no duplicate posts in the forums--- Two members may post the same thing, but one member may not post the same thing twice.
    5. One account per person!!
    6. This forum is for all ages, so please keep that in mind when posting. Strong language is fine, but NO POSTING SEXUAL OR OFFENSIVE PHOTOS!!
    7. If you choose to post a copyrighted image, please refer to the artist's rules. They may want you to include credit and a link to the original photo. If there are no rules, just mention that the image doesn't belong to you.
    8. Your safety is important!! Please do not post your personal info, such as your phone number or home address, on ANY public forums.
    Violators of any of these rules can and may result in temporary or permanent ban, at an admin's discretion.
    If you feel that anyone is in violation the rules, please feel free to message me. I may miss things from time to time. I am very easy to talk to, and am one of the most polite people you will ever meet, so don't be afraid to contact me with any comments or concerns. I don't bite. :3 Thank you for your compliance!!!

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